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Tag: Kim Jung Hyun

News bites: July 16, 2022

1. Agreed that there can never be too many Kang Haneul dramas. If there’s one thing that man will do, it’s give a memorable performance no matter the script. 2. I’m happy to see Kim Jung-hyun return to acting (he shouldn’t have had to go on hiatus for something that’s not his fault), but I […]

News bites: May 14, 2022

1. Part ONE??!? What the hell is this YA movie-era obsession with splitting perfectly contiguous stories into separate entities? I swear to god, Netflix deserves all that subscription loss. 2. I’m sorry but someone in the higher echelons of the entertainment industry must be very invested in Kim Ji-eun’s career because I cannot for the […]

Kim Jung Hyun And O& Entertainment Reach A Settlement, Kim Jung Hyun Officially Departs The Agency

Advertisements Actor Kim Jung Hyun and O& Entertainment have come to an agreement and settled their issues. On May 14, it was revealed that the conflict between Kim Jung Hyun and O& Entertainment has been resolved. Both sides issued a joint statement to reveal the news, “the exclusive contract signed by actor Kim Jung Hyun and […]

Kim Jung Hyun Announces His Contract With His Agency Has Expired, Accuses Them Of Spreading False Information +To Sue For Defamation

Advertisements Kim Jung Hyun has revealed that his contract with O& Entertainment has come to an end! On May 12, a representative of Kim Jung Hyun released an official statement to announce the expiration of his contract with O& Entertainment and to also help shed more light on his health condition while he filmed for […]

Seo Ye Ji’s Agency Releases Official Response To Dispatch’s Report Regarding Her Controlling Behavior Towards Kim Jung Hyun

Advertisements Seo Ye Ji’s Agency has finally broken their silence! Following the Dispatch report, many netizens began digging up information about the actress, past reports, blind items, and rumors began to emerge about the actress. One of them was brought up by a reporter who said they couldn’t verify which university Spain she studied in […]

Kim Jung Hyun Shares Personal Handwritten Apology Letter Regarding His Controversy Including A Personal Apology To Seohyun

Advertisements Kim Jung Hyun has broken his silence! Kim Jung Hyun has been wrapped up in controversy since last week, it started with his dating rumors, then extended to a potential signing with another agency which led to a contract dispute issue with his current agency regarding his contract duration. The contract duration issue is […]

[BREAKING] Seo Ji Hye And Kim Jung Hyun Have Been Reportedly Dating For One Year + Agency Denies Three Times, Here Is Why

Advertisements Seo Ji Hye And Kim Jung Hyun have been involved in dating rumors! The issue began on April 8 and has confused fans due to the multiple reports being written about it and the multiple denial statements specifically by Seo Ji Hye’s agency. Advertisements So to all the confused fans, here is the timeline […]

Kim Jung Hyun’s Agency Requests A Mediation Of Conflict Regarding His Exclusive Contract+ The Reason Why He Left ‘Time’ In 2018 Wasn’t Due Health Issues?

Advertisements Kim Jung Hyun is reportedly in conflict with his agency. ON April 8, O& Entertainment has submitted a petition to the Korea Entertainment Management Association, its a request for contract mediation in regards to his exclusive contract. Last night, reports stated that Kim Jung Hyun exclusive contract with his agency will expire this May and […]

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