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Drama viewership ratings for the week of May 9-15, 2022

I’m happy to see ratings for My Liberation Notes rising. It deserves every bit of the growing buzz.

I’m disappointed that Bloody Heart isn’t doing very well. The show is beautifully crafted and masterfully acted. I wish more people were watching.


I’m also sad about Love All Play. I knew from the get-go that it wouldn’t do well because it’s just not the type of show that breaks out, rating-wise. But I still hoped for a surprise.

Between it’s slice-of-life-y approach of storytelling, relatively unknown stars, huge supporting cast, and subject matter, I’m not shocked about Shooting Stars not doing well. Korean audiences wouldn’t care about it, but I think they also turned-off a not-significant amount of international buzz with the whole “Africa” thing (me included).

I guess the less makjang-y approach is not paying off for It’s Beautiful Now. A shame.

I want Woori the Virgin to do well. No particular reason, I just like it when romcoms succeed in the ratings game.

Again My Life and Our Blues are getting double-digits. No surprises here.

This is mostly very predictable.



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