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Fighting injustice with furious fists in The Fiery Priest 2

Fighting injustice with furious fists in The Fiery Priest 2 by solstices Kim Nam-gil, Honey Lee Five years after SBS’s The Fiery Priest brought hot-blooded justice and slapstick hilarity to our screens, the action-comedy is back for a second season of crime-fighting. With most of our original team regrouping, the twelve-episode sequel is poised to […]

News bites: March 30, 2024

News bites: March 30, 2024 by tccolb While the charismatic Lee Je-hoon (Taxi Driver 2) is the star of MBC’s upcoming Chief Detective 1958, that puppy in the newest stills may have just stolen the show in the arms of an also adorable Lee Dong-hwi (Big Bet). With Choi Woo-sung (Melancholia) and Yoon Hyun-soo (A […]

News bites: November 30, 2023

I am not sure how to feel about Fiery Priest 2. I did enjoy Fiery Priest. Everyone had a fantastic character’s arc, to be fair, this is frequent with Park Jae-beom’s work. But then… We’ve just finished a terribly painful Bong-soon’s sequel (Nam-soon or the tale of no brain goldfish red-flagging her way through Seoul), […]

News bites: August 30, 2023

News bites: August 30, 2023 by tccolb Shin Mina, Park Hae-soo A new crime-thriller called Ill-Fated Relationship (roughly translated) is in the works with offers out to Shin Mina (Our Blues) and Park Hae-soo (Narco-Saints). Still in the early stages, the webtoon adaptation is planning to create an omnibus-style series consisting of six stories, with […]

Kim Nam-gil fights for freedom in Song of the Bandits

Kim Nam-gil fights for freedom in Song of the Bandits by solstices Kim Nam-gil? In a period drama? Sign me right up! Netflix’s first teaser for Song of the Bandits is out, launching us right into the midst of the action alongside its exceptional cast. At just nine episodes, the drama certainly promises tight storytelling […]

Netflix whets our appetite for the rest of their 2023 K-content

I’ve been anticipating “Daily Dose of Sunshine” for months, “Gyeonseong Creature” looks amazing, and “Song of the Bandits” is set in my favorite period so I’m in for that reason alone. I avoided “DP” for a long time because I worried I wouldn’t be able to sleep after watching, and that turned out to be […]

News bites: May 20, 2023

1. Can’t wait! I’m torn between wanting to read the original source material before starting the drama or watching the drama with fresh eyes. To those who’ve read the webtoon, how was it? Is it worth the read? 2. Perfect, spooky poster. Love the colour palette being used here. I imagine it won’t be everyone’s […]

News bites: February 21, 2023

1 is a stroke of exciting good news. With the kind of PD attached to 2 and the story it is based on, I’ll prepare my mind for the crazy things to come. And I like the casting here. 3. Honey Lee. Investigative comedy. After One the Woman, I can bet on this a million […]

News bites: February 4, 2023

News bites: February 4, 2023 by tccolb Ji Chang-wook, Shin Hye-sun Ji Chang-wook (If You Wish Upon Me) and Shin Hye-sun (Mr. Queen) are on the casting table for JTBC’s new healing romance Welcome to Samdalri. On the production side, PD Cha Young-hoon (When the Camellia Blooms) is attached to direct with Kwon Hye-joo (Go […]

Netflix teases their 2023 K-content slate

Netflix teases their 2023 K-content slate by missvictrix Netflix is showing no signs of slowing down with their K-content this year, and we have a whole slew of dramas (and films) to look forward to. There’s certainly a wide spectrum of genres and stories here, which is refreshing to see. We’ll focus on the Netflix […]

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