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Drama viewership ratings for the week of Nov. 22-28, 2021

So excited to see the rating for The Red Sleeve Cuff!! I hope it will continually to be this anticipating to the end and give happy ending. Pretty please…

I first watched this for Lee Se Young – I’m impressed with her character in the Crowned Clown, she was a queen but in a serious vibe. But as usual, once you start a drama, you’ll fall for others.


Currently I’m digging
– Jun-Ho’s drama that I might have paused or missed. Haha. I first watched him in Confession; a thriller non-romance drama. It was good! Netflix will be adding his old drama Rise and Shine. Can’t wait!!
– Lady Seo’s drama : Yet to remember her name, she’s so funny!
– Grandpa King : Is he a grandpa in real life? He really gives me the emotion of a grandpa that one second full of love but another second full of rage and shifted back; that I think only one who has a child know how confusing that feels. It’s all love but unexplainable

– Duk Im’s chubby friend, I need to find her name. She’s so cheerful and full of life, giving you the vibe of your bestfriend-to-go and to-gossip-with when you’re in your college years!

And more!

Can you see that I love this drama so much 🤪


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