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Drama viewership ratings for the week of Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2023

Because it is a daeha saeguk, think the epic and well-researched saeguk that highlight the wars and struggles of King Hyeonjong (yes, he is in the history book of Goryeo Dynasty) in keeping Goryeo free from being invade by the Khitans. The drama basically captures how he grow as a naive boy to a great king, who managed to lead his kingdom well. It is in the Korean history

What makes this drama unique is the fact is this is not a drama fill with lovey dovey scences, or fill with terrible stepmother or stepsiblings. It focuses on the king, how the king managed to unite his nation to fight the khitans along with the politics at that time. It has no divas, no idols, no amnesia, no superheroes or an adaptation of bla bla and definitely not a Penthouse 15.0


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