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Lee Young-ae is ready to declare war in new teaser

Lee Young-ae is ready to declare war in new teaser

With the premiere date fast approaching, tvN has dropped the first episode teaser for the musical-thriller Maestra: Strings of Truth. In it, we get to see Lee Young-ae (Inspector Koo) as she brings her A-game to Han River Philharmonic.

The teaser opens on a voiceover: “In a world where only five percent of conductors are women, Cha Se-eun [Lee Young-ae] holds both genders in the palm of her hand.” We then see her strut into the first day of practice with her new orchestra. While some look absolutely terrified to greet their new conductor, others, like Se-eun’s eventual protege Hwang Boreumbyeol (The Secret Romantic Guesthouse), are starry-eyed in her presence.

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Meanwhile, there are people who are decidedly not happy with Se-eun’s return to the Korean stage, such as her finance bro ex-boyfriend Lee Moo-saeng (The Glory). We see him on a call where someone asks him if he’s met Se-eun now that she’s back in town, to which he responds, “I’m going to now.” It comes across extra menacing since we also know that eventually he’ll go as far as to purchase Se-eun’s entire orchestra to get under her skin.

But even without his interference, Se-eun already has her hands full dealing with another male conductor trying to take her spot. She, obviously, is not in the mood to take anyone’s crap, so she responds by slamming a fire extinguisher through the door of said mutinous practice session. “If you’re going to fight me, fight me with music.”

Still, reckless as she may be, she is not unreasonable, as we see her make a deal with the higher-ups: within a year, she’ll make Han River Philharmonic the top orchestra in the nation. If she fails, she will step down. Se-eun’s goal might be lofty and paved with difficulty on the way, but if there’s anyone with the girlboss nerves of steel to make it happen, it’s her.

Directed by Kim Jung-kwon (Love to Hate You) with screenplay adapted by Choi Yi-yoon and Hong Jung-hee, tvN’s Maestra: Strings of Truth will premiere on December 9.

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