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Fantagio’s Girl Group Weki Meki Will Disband Following June Comeback

Fantagio‘s girl group Weki Meki will be disbanding following the release of their digital single CoinciDestiny.

According to an exclusive report from News1, Weki Meki will disband and instead support each other’s future following the expiration of their seven-year contract with Fantagio. The group debuted in 2017, riding the momentum from members Yoojung and Doyeon participating in I.O.I.

While the group achieved middling success, Fantagio had not given the group a comeback since November 2021. Many fans assumed the group was simply on hiatus, waiting for the expiration of their contract. In addition, many fans believed that this single release would be a goodbye song, given that Yoojung mentioned on a live broadcast that there would not be much promotion for this single.

CoinciDestiny will be released on June 12. Fantagio have released official press releases to various media outlets noting that this single release will be the group’s last, and they will disband. They also just shared a comment to media outlet iMBC confirming the disbandment.

It is true that this will be [Weki Meki’s] goodbye.

— Fantagio

Source: News1 and iMBC


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