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Jung Sang-hoon is in a pickle in MBC’s I Don’t Like Donkatsu

Jung Sang-hoon is in a pickle in MBC’s I Don’t Like Donkatsu

A short and sweet drama is in the works over at MBC, and if the lively script reading is any indication, the upcoming comedy I Don’t Like Donkatsu promises to deliver plenty of laughs. Starring Jung Sang-hoon (Twinkling Watermelon) as the village head with the very unfortunate name of Jung Ja-wang (i.e., “sperm king” in Korean), our happily married hero faces an upcoming vasectomy which happens to coincide with the neighborhood Casanova’s neutering procedure.

Ja-wang isn’t the only one with a pun for a name since his wife Im Shin-ae (imshin means pregnant in Korean) — played by Jeon Hye-bin (Revolutionary Sisters) — also happens to be an aptronym. After giving birth to three sons, I don’t blame Shin-ae for wanting her husband to close down his “factory,” especially since she has a good relationship with him that seems unlikely to change anytime soon.

Besides our main couple, there is Ja-wang’s childhood friend and perpetual number two Park Deok-sam, played by Lee Joong-ok (A Killer Paradox). His goal is to become the village head, but no matter what he does, he always ends up second place to his friend. However, there’s one thing Deok-sam has that Ja-wang wants: a daughter.

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The other half of this vasectomy/neutering story is Baekgu (aka, “white dog”) whose dalliances have caused a headache for the other villagers. While everyone wants Baekgu neutered, a young boy named Bok-cheol, played by Jo Dan (Numbers), is against his best friend getting the surgery.

Little Bok-cheol lives with Grandma Choon-shim, played by Kim Young-ok (The Midnight Studio), and as the eldest in the village, her words carry some weight. She seems to side with her grandson in this debate, but we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for Baekgu (and Ja-wang, as well).

Filling out the rest of this spirited village is Lee Ji-hoon (A Killer Paradox) as urologist Hyun-cheol alongside his wife and dog mom Mi-sook played by Kim Soo-jin (Chief Detective 1958). Then there’s mood maker Kim Mi-hwa (Welcome to Samdal-ri) and youngest adult Park Kyung-hye (Destined with You) rounding out the cast.

Directed by PD Kim Young-jae and written by Noh Ye-ri who won the MBC short drama script contest, I Don’t Like Donkatsu is slated for two episodes and premieres July 5.

Left to right, top to bottom: Jung Sang-hoon, Jeon Hye-bin, Lee Joong-ok, Kim Young-ok, Kim Soo-jin, Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Mi-hwa, Park Kyung-hye, Jo Dan




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