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First posters and stills of Lee Do-hyun, Im Soo-jung for Melancholia

First posters and stills of Lee Do-hyun, Im Soo-jung for Melancholia

The main posters and more stills have been released for upcoming tvN drama Melancholia. Featuring Im Soo-jung (Search Query: WWW) as a math teacher and Lee Do-hyun (Youth in May) as a genius student, this drama portrays the corrupt world of private schools and how an unexpected connection blooms within.

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The poster above shows both looking into each other’s eyes, with a caption that reads: “Even though there was no answer, the moments that we were concentrating with effort.” The second poster says the same thing, but both characters walk side-by-side amidst stunning greenery at the school.

Diving deeper into Lee Do-hyun’s character Baek Seung-yoo, we learn that he’s a prodigy that placed first in international math olympiads when he was a kid. He was admitted into MIT at the age of 10, but he left for an unknown reason at age 12. He retreated from the math world, earning the nickname: “The young math genius who disappeared into thin air.” Now he’s entered Ahsung High School of his own volition, where he’s a loner who is ranked last in his grade.

On the other hand, Im Soo-jung plays a math teacher named Ji Yoon-soo, who is passionate about her job. She has pride about teaching students and loves math to a point where she uses difficult math equations to calm her mind. She tells her students to be creative with their proofs and to explore alternative methods outside the answer key. In a society that’s very focused on the “right answers,” she uses unconventional methods, but seeing as her students have all gone on to graduate with top honors from prestigious universities shows that her philosophy is on the mark.

How will these two characters get along? We’ll know in a few more weeks. Written by Kim Ji-woon and directed by Kim Sang-hyub, Melancholia will begin airing on November 3 on tvN.

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