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Gumiho Lee Dong-wook returns in Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938

Gumiho Lee Dong-wook returns in Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938

Our yellow-eyed gumiho Lee Dong-wook (Bad and Crazy) has returned in a new season of tvN’s fantasy-action Tale of the Nine Tailed, and we finally get our first look in the moody new poster.

Picking up after the events of the first season, Lee Yeon’s (Lee Dong-wook) happiness is sadly short-lived as he’s somehow transported back in time to 1938. We then follow our hero’s journey as he tries to figure out why he’s been summoned to the past and how he can get back to his loved ones in the present day.

However, having once lived through this time period, Yeon will be forced to re-meet familiar faces, with the complication of knowing the future. One of the hardest, of course, will be seeing his half-brother Lee Rang – with Kim Bum (Ghost Doctor) reprising his role. Although Rang is alive in 1938, this version of Rang still has animosity against Yeon.

Newly joining the cast in the second season are Kim So-yeon (Penthouse 3) and Ryu Kyung-soo (Glitch), whose characters were once heavenly beings like Yeon. However, centuries in the past, the two were hurt by Yeon – each for different reasons – and the trio are reunited again in 1938, both as old friends and as foes.

With production continuing under the first season’s PD Kang Shin-hyo and writer Han Woo-ri, Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 is slated to premiere on May 6 in the weekend slot.

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