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News bites: March 29, 2023

News bites: March 29, 2023

Jeon Ji-hyun, Kang Dong-won

  • Jeon Ji-hyun (Jirisan) and Kang Dong-won (Broker) are considering offers for a new spy series called Polaris (working title). Although Jeon’s most recent drama aired in 2021, it’s been much longer for Kang whose last drama was the 2004 series Magic. Filming is set to begin once casting has been finalized, with production being led by the duo behind Little Women, PD Kim Hee-won (Vincenzo) and writer Jung Seo-kyung (Mother). [News1]
  • Another actor who has long been absent from dramaland is Sol Kyung-gu (Kill Boksoon), who will be pitted against his rising opponent Kim Hee-ae (A Couple’s World) in Netflix’s new political series The Whirlwind. PD Kim Yong-wan (If You Wish Upon Me) is at the helm, with scripts by Park Kyung-soo (Whisper). [MBC]

  • Speaking of Netflix, a new poster has dropped for Black Knight, giving us another look at the barren, dystopian world with our masked hero Kim Woo-bin (Our Blues). Although not yet featured, the sci-fi also stars Song Seung-heon (Voice 4), Kang Yoo-seok (Payback), and Esom (Taxi Driver), and will be launching on May 12 with both writing and directing by filmmaker Jo Eui-seok (Golden Slumber). [News1]
  • Over on JTBC, a spunky Uhm Jung-hwa (Our Blues) is breaking down barriers in the new character posters for Doctor Cha – all the while Kim Byung-chul (All of Us Are Dead) tries to patch up the holes. The medical drama is now about two weeks away, premiering April 15 in the weekend slot. [JTBC]

  • Kim Hye-yoon (Snowdrop) and Byun Woo-seok (Moonshine) are both in talks for a new fantasy rom-com called Time Walking on Memory (roughly translated). Production is still in the planning stages with scripts penned by Lee Shi-eun and PD Bu Sung-chul directing. [My Daily (1), (2)]
  • ENA announced that House with a Yard has been slated to broadcast this June, with Kim Tae-hee (Hi Bye, Mama!) and Im Ji-yeon (The Glory) headlining the series. Based a novel by the same title, the suspense-thriller has PD Jung Ji-hyun (Twenty Five Twenty One, Search Query: WWW) leading production. [Star News]
  • In the meantime, ENA has been keeping busy with promos for the upcoming Paper Moon, featuring our troubled heroine Kim Seo-hyung (Mine) in a new poster and video teaser. Also starring Yoo Sun (Eve), Seo Young-hee (Would You Like a Cup of Coffee), and Lee Shi-woo (Hi Bye, Mama!), the series premieres on April 10 in the Monday-Tuesday slot. [News1]


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