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Han Sun-hwa has My Sweet Mobster Uhm Tae-gu feeling faint

Han Sun-hwa has My Sweet Mobster Uhm Tae-gu feeling faint

As we head into the last week of promos before the premiere, JTBC came out with another cute teaser for the upcoming My Sweet Mobster, following our titular hero Uhm Tae-gu (Hometown) as he falls head-over-heels for Han Sun-hwa (Work Later, Drink Now 2).

Beginning once again with a look at the past, a wary Kwon Yul (Longing for You) explains in voiceover that, “Seo Ji-hwan (Uhm Tae-gu) is no ordinary CEO. He’s the most dangerous person that I know.” And yet, this once scary mob boss is knocked out cold by an accidental jab from our heroine’s broom – though, presumably, she must have hit a previously injured area.

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We’re then introduced to Go Eun-ha’s (Han Sun-hwa) job as a kids’ content creator, under the handle, “Minnie Unni.” Through a shenanigan-filled sequence, Eun-ha encounters Ji-hwan again (and again), and this time Cupid’s arrow hits him right on the jugular, claiming his heart for our bubbly heroine.

Feeling competitive with our dashing second lead Jang Hyun-woo (Kwon Yul), Ji-hwan prods, “One might think that you have ulterior motives for that Unni [Eun-ha].” However, Hyun-woo is suspicious of Ji-hwan as well, replying, “I’m of the belief that people cannot change.”

But our sunny Eun-ha is more trusting of our hero, curiously asking, “Were you really a gangster?” and reassures Ji-hwan that he’s not scary. Their developing relationship has Ji-hwan feeling shy, though, and the teaser ends with Ji-hwan cutely wondering who Eun-ha is.

With scripts written by Na Kyung and co-directing by PD Kim Young-hwan (Today’s Webtoon) and PD Kim Woo-hyun (Life), JTBC’s rom-com My Sweet Mobster will be premiering next week on June 12.



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