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Hyun Bin Endorses Philippine Telco

Crash Landing on You” actor Hyun Bin has been selected as the newest endorser of SMART, Philippines’ leading wireless provider.

On May 27, SMART dropped a teaser video with the caption “The Captain is coming. Watch out for the big RiVeal.”

Here’s the teaser:

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Moreover, Manny V. Pangilinan, Chairman of SMART, confirmed that Hyun Bin is the man in the teaser and they will release an online advertisement and TV commercial on June 1.

Today, ahead of the said drop, SMART finally revealed the CF

[Hyun Bin | Smart Communications, Inc | Smart ako CF | May 29, 2020]

The captain has landed ahead of time! #HyunBin #현빈 #ヒョンビン #玄彬

Публикувахте от Hyun Bin в Петък, 29 май 2020 г.

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