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Im Shi-wan cyberstalks Chun Woo-hee in Unlocked

Im Shi-wan cyberstalks Chun Woo-hee in Unlocked

In the dog-eat-dog world of our digital age, sometimes it only takes one wrong click for all your information to end up in the hands of a phisher, scammer, or — in this upcoming movie’s case — psychotic murderer/stalker. If that sounds like an exciting, non-crippling-anxiety-inducing concept to you, you’ll want to keep an eye out for Netflix’s upcoming thriller Unlocked starring Chun Woo-hee (Rustle) and Im Shi-wan (Summer Strike).

Chun Woo-hee plays Na-mi, a regular office worker who one day misplaces her phone during her work commute. She eventually finds her phone but, unbeknownst to her, it’s now loaded with spyware installed by Jun-young (Im Shi-wan), a police officer’s son and super shady murder suspect. Equipped with complete access to Na-mi’s contacts, bank account, photos, and more, Jun-young begins to wreak havoc on Na-mi’s life, while she tries to regain control in this worst case scenario ripped straight from my nightmares thrilling cat-and-mouse chase.

In the supporting cast, we have Kim Hee-won (Big Issue) playing Ji-man, aforementioned cop and Jun-young’s dad, and Kim Ye-won (You Are My Spring) playing Eun-ju, Na-mi’s friend.

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The trailer shows how the hacking plays out, with Na-mi calling a lady that supposedly found her phone, and Jun-young on the other end playing pre-recorded messages of a woman’s voice while he gets to cracking her password. When his attempts don’t work, he smashes the phone open and installs his spyware while the fake woman’s voice tells Na-mi, “Sorry, I dropped your phone and the screen broke.”

We see the effects of Jun-young’s manipulation and how it screws over Na-mi’s life, from Eun-ju coming over in response to messages that Na-mi never sent, to getting Na-mi kicked out of work. But then it’s hinted that maybe Na-mi wasn’t Jun-young’s target after all, as Jun-young asks a tied up man to guess how quickly he found him after getting a hold of Na-mi’s phone: “Just three days.”

The trailer ends with some shots of a paranoid Na-mi trying to figure out exactly who has been stalking her, Jun-young gathering intel on Na-mi both online and in-person, and Ji-man investigating a murder crime scene. In voiceover Na-mi asks her stalker, “Why are you doing this to me?” to which Jun-young responds, “because I’m the one that found your phone.”

Written by and directed by Kim Tae-joon, Unlocked will premiere on Netflix on February 17. Until then, stay safe and avoid suspicious email links!

Im Shi-wan Chun Woo-hee Unlocked Netflix movie trailer

Im Shi-wan Chun Woo-hee Unlocked Netflix movie trailer

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