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K-Pop Soloist Seemingly Criticizes The State Of The Idol Industry In Recent Post

There is no doubt that K-Pop is taking over, and idols are seeing their popularity rise worldwide with huge appearances at global events.

The members of BTS, they are one of the biggest K-Pop groups | @bts_bighit/Twitter
BLACKPINK continues to showcase their global dominance| @sbskpop/Twitter

Soloist HOLLAND has gained attention for his comments surrounding the K-Pop industry and idol culture in Korea.

K-Pop soloist HOLLAND | @holland_vvv/Instagram

On April 15, HOLLAND shared some honest thoughts about the music industry in Korea.

In his tweets, the soloist shared how agencies and investors seem too busy producing idols, and advertisers focus on idols when it comes to booking. He also shared that while it’s natural, it has made life harder for other genres, as he pointed out that many artists now sell songs to idols or find other jobs to earn money.

The music scene in Korea, along with solo artists, is in crisis and transitional. Most investors and agencies are busy producing K-pop idols, while most advertisers prioritize numbers and money over brand image by booking K-pop idols. While this is considered natural, as someone in this industry, I find it distressing.

Many artists rooted in R&B, jazz, and electronic music are either selling songs to K-pop artists to make a living or finding other jobs to earn money and invest in their own music. I’m doing the same. And many artists are giving up on making their own music.

— Holland

HOLLAND then went on to share his thoughts on K-Pop companies and their role in the issues. In particular, he shared that many agencies aren’t given the chance for their artists to grow, focusing on making money through the songs and “pseudo-romantic relationships” between idols and fans.

It’s rare for K-pop agencies to give idols the opportunity to grow as artists. Everyone is just following the trend, copying popular music from abroad, and focusing solely on making money by creating fanatical emotions akin to pseudo-romantic relationships. It’s truly lamentable.

— Holland

While HOLLAND isn’t probably talking about the whole industry, as many idols have thrived by showcasing their talent, it’s true that idols seem to be debuting so often, and it would impact other musicians.



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