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Song Kang-ho gives Byun Yo-han everything in Uncle Sam-shik

Song Kang-ho gives Byun Yo-han everything in Uncle Sam-shik

Disney+ has dropped a new teaser and posters for its upcoming period piece Uncle Sam-shik. Starring Song Kang-ho (Cobweb) in his drama debut, the show takes place in post-war Korea during a tumultuous era of corruption and resilience. Nicknamed “Uncle Sam-shik” which means three meals a day in Korean, our titular hero played by Song explains that everyone addresses him as such out of love and respect.

The teaser then introduces the show’s other protagonist Kim San played by Byun Yo-han (Mr. Sunshine). He gives an impassioned speech about the future direction for the country, and his ideas catch the attention of Uncle Sam-shik. He approaches San with a smile and food in hopes of using the latter’s dreams to achieve his own, but in order to succeed, Uncle Sam-shik will need some help.

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Enter Lee Kyu-hyung (Big Bet) as Kang Sung-min who offers to make things possible for Uncle Sam-shik. However, the price for his assistance is steep as Sung-min orders him to kill a man, and the tone of the teaser shifts. We get a glimpse at a darker Uncle Sam-shik who promises to give San everything — including the power to get rid of those who stand in his way. As San deliberates his options, he asks Uncle Sam-shik why he chose him. The reply: “I see it. Your ambitions.”

In a time of chaos reigned by hopes and greed, the world fights for control and the name that brings forth success: Uncle Sam-shik. Not everyone, though, is a fan, and Joo Yeo-jin, played by Jin Ki-joo (My Perfect Stranger), warns San that he’s turning him into a monster. Despite the signs, the devil’s deal is too sweet since all you need to do in order to get food is say his name.

Written and directed by filmmaker Shin Yeon-shik (Cassiopeia), Disney+’s Uncle Sam-shik premieres May 15 and is slated for 16 episodes.

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