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Kang Haneul becomes an Insider in JTBC’s new action-suspense

Kang Haneul becomes an Insider in JTBC’s new action-suspense

  • JTBC has finally been making some movement on their action-suspense Insider, confirming a June premiere in their new promos.

    The story has Kang Haneul (When the Camellia Blooms) in the role of judicial apprentice Kim Yo-han, who is tasked with infiltrating gambling dens and gathering insider information on corrupt prosecutors. But the mission goes awry after Kang is sent to prison and, facing off against the world that abandoned him, he vows to get revenge.

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    The newly released teaser begins with Kang Haneul being selected for the insider job which results in his imprisonment. To his cellmates, Kang simply introduces himself as, “I’m Kim Yo-han. I got booked for gambling.” But Sung Ji-ru (Bad and Crazy) knows that Kang was a judicial apprentice and was just about to graduate when he got incarcerated.

    The appearing text screen explains what an insider is before we jump to Kang Haneul’s boss Kim Sang-ho (Rookie Cops). Kim reassures Kang, “The Sung-joo penitentiary… you’ll just be in there briefly and come right back out.” A worried Kang asks, “Isn’t it illegal to investigate using fraud like this?” But Kim replies, “You only know how people in suits fight during the day, right? In prisons, they all fight like this.” As we hear this exchange, we see Kang viciously fighting off his attackers and he reflects on what happened afterwards.

    Another text screen appears, reading: “Becoming a bad guy to catch the bad guys.” It then cuts to Heo Sung-tae (Red Heart) who threatens, “If you struggle outside, I will act naturally and push you down.” Meanwhile, Kang Haneul meets with Lee Yoo-young (The Lies Within) to ask, “Does your offer to help me still stand?” Handing over her business card, Lee coolly responds with, “What do you need?” The teaser comes to a close with a final sequence of Kang putting his plan into motion and we hear voices explaining, “We need to act quickly and start working on the scenario,” and “If we can get one moment of success, we can catch them tonight.”

    Written by Moon Man-se (Priest) with PD Min Yeon-hong (Missing: The Other Side) at the helm, JTBC drama Insider will be airing in the Wednesday-Thursday slot this coming June.

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