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News bites: May 14, 2022

1. Part ONE??!? What the hell is this YA movie-era obsession with splitting perfectly contiguous stories into separate entities? I swear to god, Netflix deserves all that subscription loss.

2. I’m sorry but someone in the higher echelons of the entertainment industry must be very invested in Kim Ji-eun’s career because I cannot for the life of me understand why she, out of the literal hundreds of up-and-coming actresses out there, is getting prestigious lead roles seemingly out of thin air.

3. Kang Haneul and Lee Yoo-young, LETS GOOOOOOOO.

4. The Cha Tae-hyun copaganda ride continues…

5. I’m always here for Woo Do-hwan, especially in a lead (romance! sageuk!!) role with a new-ish actress I like. Even if the title cracks me up.

6. God they already look so cute together. I’m gonna be so sad when they break up.

7. Lee Joon-hyuk, my beloved ❤️. Him and NJH sounds cool, but when will he be a lead again?

8. Ooh he’s back! I hope he accepts and gains back some momentum from Mr. Queen. His hiatus couldn’t have happened at a worse time, career trajectory-wise.

9. More cuties!! But I can’t help noticing how unnaturally whitened and bleached-out their skin looks. I hope it’s just the promos and not in the drama.


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