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Kim Young-kwang taunts Shin Ha-kyun in Evilive

Kim Young-kwang taunts Shin Ha-kyun in Evilive

Chilling character posters and slick teasers are out for ENA’s 10-episode noir Evilive, setting the mood for what’s to come. Stylish and atmospheric, our first glimpse into the complex minds of these protagonists is certainly an intriguing one.

Acting powerhouse Shin Ha-kyun (Yonder) stars as the opportunistic lawyer Han Dong-soo, whose methods of obtaining cases err on the gray side of morality. Pragmatic and persistent, Dong-soo often prowls the prison to solicit potential clients. His tactics may not be the most conventional, but they’ve served him well. That is, until he meets someone who awakens his inner beast — Dong-soo has been repressing his inner desires, and it’s only a matter of time before he takes his first step into the world of evil. “Experience it yourself — the feeling of being stepped on,” Dong-soo taunts, sporting a spine-chilling grin.

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If Dong-soo toes the line, then Kim Young-kwang (Call it Love) simply steps on it. Befitting his position as the second most powerful figure in the mob, Seo Do-young is charismatic and cunning. As blood splatters onto a baseball — a callback to his past as a professional baseball player — Do-young sneers, “Aren’t you tired of always losing?” Interestingly, the word for “line” can also be interpreted as “kindness” or “goodness” — just as Do-young disregards boundaries, he also deems do-gooders as pushovers to crush beneath his feet.

Adding even more intrigue to our main cast, we have Shin Jae-ha (Taxi Driver 2) as little brother Han Beom-jae. He may only be a half-sibling to Dong-soo, but he’s certainly an invaluable assistant, using his computer skills to source for information and broker cases for our unorthodox lawyer. Since we haven’t gotten so much as a glimpse of Beom-jae yet, it’s difficult to tell which side of the line he’ll stand on — but given Shin Jae-ha’s track record, it really could go either way. (And I’m very much excited to find out!)

Helmed by PD Kim Jung-min (Remarriage & Desires) and PD Kim Sung-min, with scripts written by Jung Seo-hee and Lee Seung-hoon, Evilive is slated to premiere on October 14.

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