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Korean Entertainment Companies Now Reportedly Include Clauses Against School Bullying In Contracts

According to the reports of the Korean media outlet OSEN, many entertainment agencies and production houses in South Korea now include certain clauses regarding school violence in their contracts when working with celebrities.

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The media report pointed out that since 2018, when the “Me Too” movement gained pace in South Korea, the entertainment industry has been compelled to face the unfavorable past of its stars. Within the years 2020 to 2022, multiple school violence accusations have displaced idols and actors from their careers, sometimes rightfully so.

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But even in cases where the accusations were denied or proven to be false, the image of the stars took such a dip that it went beyond recovery. As collateral damage, the agencies or production companies associated with these stars suffered monetary damages. The old contracts provided no feasible way for companies to claim these damages or recover the money from the perpetrator. But now, many companies are reportedly including detailed clauses in a performer’s contract that state if their problematic past harms the production process in any way, they will have to compensate the company and the broadcaster for the losses.

I made a good movie through so much difficulty and hard work, but because of issues like this, I’m suffering…The damage we faced is too big. It’s very hard.

—Statement of a production company’s CEO to OSEN

These clauses are not just limited to school violence incidents. If a performer’s past actions have caused serious harm to ant victim, whether it be a drug scandal, DUI, sex crimes, or military service-related corruption, they will be subjected to pay the damages.

Korean netizens have reacted positively to the report, with many stating that this is a welcome but late change. But some showed concern for cases where false accusations might create negative results.

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  • “If they have a record of school bullying, they shouldn’t be allowed to work….”
  • “I hope more agencies and trainee contracts include clauses about school bullying as well.”
  • “Because it would be wrong to let the bad guys succeed…”
  • “For malicious rumors… Is there any way for them to have to compensate everyone?”
  • “This is a good sign. We no longer live in a world where we can excuse (bullying) as immature acts that occur when young.”
  • “As it should. You don’t get to blossom your career after ruining the life of another. If you ruin someone’s life, your own life should be thrown in the pits as well.”
  • “Audition shows need to do thorough investigations from now on, including interviews from their schools and former classmates.”
  • “This should’ve been the standard from the rest. Set contract terms so that you’re completely screwed if you’re ever caught with a history of school bullying. Force these people to buy 100 times the penalty fee so that they won’t ever dream of crawling back on screen again.
Source: OSEN


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