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Korean SciFi “SF8” Completes Filming

Eight films from the crossover project SF8 of films and dramas produced by Soo Film, joined hands by MBC, the Korean Film Directors’ Association (DGK) and Wave (Wavve), have completed filming.

Director Jang Cheol-soo‘s “White Crow” began filming on the 21st of February, 2020 and ended with the director Kim Eui-suk‘s “Human Proof” on the 7th of May.

A total of 8 directors including Kim Eui-sukRoh DeokMin Gyoo-dongAhn Gook-jinOh Ki-hwanLee Yoon-jeong-IIJang Cheol-soo and Han Ka-ram will showcase eight works, each of which lasts about 50 minutes.

Director Min Gyoo-dong of DGK, who is in charge of planning the entire work, thanked all the directors for finishing the shoot with their best efforts despite the difficult conditions of COVID-19.

SF8, which will be created with works of various materials such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), robots, games, fantasy, horror, superpowers and disasters, will be pre-released on the OTT platform WAVVE in July and will meet viewers on MBC in August.

Source: HanCinema.net

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