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Nam Ji-hyun leads new fantasy-thriller High Cookie

Nam Ji-hyun leads new fantasy-thriller High Cookie

The first posters for U+ Mobile TV’s new fantasy-thriller High Cookie (previously Hi Cookie) are hot out of the oven, giving us our first look at Nam Ji-hyun (Little Women) and Jung Da-bin (Glitch), the two sisters at the heart of our story.

As LG’s debut drama for their streaming platform, we’re in for a poisonous tale about – you guessed it – mysterious cookies that have the power to fulfill your deepest desires. With their cheeky grins and home-baked aroma – not to mention the wishes granted – it doesn’t take long for a high school to get overtaken by a serious case of the munchies and the young Choi Min-young (Jung Da-bin) gets swallowed up in the dangerous chaos that ensues.

This then leads her sole guardian and older sister Choi Soo-young (Nam Ji-hyun) to embark on a rescue mission. From the young age of 18, Soo-young started working at a factory to become a breadwinner for their little family and she’s determined to protect Min-young at all costs – even if that price is her own life.

Although not yet featured, Choi Hyun-wook (Twinkling Watermelon) is still stuck in high school as fellow student Seo Ho-soo, who also comes from a struggling family. Although he studies hard and gets good grades, other students take advantage of his kindness and treat him like a pushover.

Rounding out our main foursome, we also have Kim Mu-yeol (Trolley) playing the school’s new admissions consultant Yoo Sung-pil. I’m not sure if he’s our cookie cutter villain, but he certainly smells fishy with his promise to students that he can ensure to make their dreams come true.

Directed by PD Song Min-yeop (Youth of May, Doctor Prisoner) with scripts by Kang Han, U+ Mobile TV’s High Cookie will be releasing next month on October 23.

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