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Premiere Watch: CEO-dol Mart

Premiere Watch: CEO-dol Mart

Time slot: Fridays
Broadcaster: TVING
Genre: Comedy
Episode count: 10

Reasons to watch: Any sort of premise where idols or flower boys try to navigate real life mundanities is always a fun setup, be it nail shops or ramyun shops or, in this case, grocery stores. Our premise is that a failed K-pop group reconnects with their members five years later when they find out they co-own a local mart. Hence, our idols become CEOs of a sort, and if you squint really hard the English translation starts to work. With some real-life idols in the cast (EXO’s Xiumin, Monsta X’s Hyungwon) in addition to Lee Shin-young, Lee Sae-on, and Choi Won-myung – we’ve got a lot of cute faces for one drama. Maybe that’s why TVING decided to drop this one so suddenly: cuteness overload.

TL;DR: A bunch of ex-idols reunite to run a local mart (cuteness overload warning label attached)



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