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News bites: July 27, 2022

News bites: July 27, 2022

  • ENA’s Good Job has dropped a new poster featuring leads Jung Il-woo (Bossam: Steal the Fate), a private investigator who happens to be a chaebol, and our super-powered heroine Kwon Yuri (Bossam: Steal the Fate). Coming to our screens in mid-August, production is being led by PD Kang Min-gu and PD Kim Sung-jin, as well as writers Kim Jung-ae and Kwon Hee-kyung. [News]
  • Over on Netflix, we have a new poster plus video teaser for A Model Family. Starring Jung Woo (Mad for Each Other), Park Hee-soon (Dr. Brain), Yoon Jin-seo (Jackpot), and Park Ji-yeon (Red Heart), the crime thriller premieres in just a few weeks on August 12. PD Kim Jin-woo (Love Alarm 2, Healer) is at the helm, with writing by Lee Jae-gon. [Sports Chosun]

  • Rising star and best hair flip of the year, Ha Yoon-kyung (Extraordinary Attorney Woo), is considering a role in tvN’s upcoming See You in My 19th Life, potentially joining Shin Hye-sun (Mr. Queen) and Ahn Bo-hyun (Yumi’s Cells 2). PD Lee Na-jung (Fight My Way, Mine) is attached to direct with Choi Young-rim and Min Ye-ji co-writing. [Osen]
  • We get our first look at Coupang Play’s Unicorn team in the office, looking up Elon Musk and Bill Gates on Instagram during their meeting. The sitcom stars Shin Ha-kyun (Beyond Evil), Won Jin-ah (Hellbound), and Lee Yoo-jin (Idol: The Coup), and will be launching sometime this August. [Newsen]

  • KBS confirmed their lineup for Brain Collaboration and we now have Yeh Ji-won (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol) rounding out the main cast, joining Cha Tae-hyun (Police University), Jung Yong-hwa (Sell Your Haunted House), and Kwak Sun-young (Inspector Koo). Slotted for an early 2023 premiere, PD Lee Jin-seo will be directing with scripts by Park Kyung-sun. Fun trivia: One of Yeh’s first leading roles was opposite Cha in SBS’s drama, Juliet’s Man back in 2000. [KBS]
  • Casting news was also announced for TVING’s Everything We Loved (roughly translated), which stars a fresh-faced cast: EXO’s Sehun (Now We Are Breaking Up), Jo Joon-young (Idol: The Coup), and Jang Yeo-bin. Written by Kang Yoon with directing by PD Kim Jin-sung, the youth romance is set to broadcast in 2023. [My Daily]

  • In a final round of promos, MBC released more stills and a poster for Wild Boar Hunting, featuring the main cast. Premiering August 1 in the Monday-Tuesday slot, the mystery thriller stars Park Ho-san (Today’s Webtoon), Yeh Soo-jung (Link: Eat, Love, Kill), and Kim Soo-jin (Anna).  [MBC (1), (2)]


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