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News bites: August 6, 2022

News bites: August 6, 2022

Lee Jia, Lee Sang-yoon, Jang Hee-jin, Park Ki-woong, Bong Tae-kyu

  • Casting has been finalized for tvN’s Lady, which includes Lee Jia (Penthouse 3), Lee Sang-yoon (One the Woman), Jang Hee-jin (The Red Sleeve Cuff), Park Ki-woong (You Raise Me Up), and Bong Tae-kyu (Penthouse 3). Slotted to air in 2023, the revenge drama has makjang queen Kim Soon-ok (Penthouse, An Empress’s Dignity) as the creator, with PD Choi Young-hoon (One the Woman) attached to direct, and Hyun Ji-min penning the scripts. [MBC]
  • ENA announced their upcoming drama lineup, which follows Extraordinary Attorney Woo in their Wednesday-Thursday slot. First up this August is Good Job, co-starring Jung Il-woo (Bossam: Steal the Fate) and Kwon Yuri (Bossam: Steal the Fate). Next, we have Lee Da-hee (L.U.C.A.: The Beginning) and Choi Siwon (Work Later, Drink Now) in a rom-com called Nonsensical Romance and Whatnot (roughly translated). We can also expect to see the webtoon adaptation Unlock the Boss (roughly translated), which stars Chae Jong-hyeop (Love All Play), Seo Eun-soo (Missing: The Other Side), and Park Sung-woong (Snowdrop). [YTN]
  • Netflix’s crime-thriller A Model Family has delivered another interesting poster and I almost feel dizzy, trying to focus with everyone’s eyes facing different directions – not to mention the car slicing through the middle. Launching next week on August 12, the drama stars Jung Woo (Mad for Each Other), Park Hee-soon (Dr. Brain), Yoon Jin-seo (Jackpot), and Park Ji-yeon (Red Heart). [News1]

  • Park Jin-ju (Our Beloved Summer) has been added to the cast of KBS’s If You Wish Upon Me, joining Ji Chang-wook (The Sound of Magic), Sung Dong-il (Ghost Doctor), and Sooyoung (Run On). In the role of Se-hee, Park’s character will be an aspiring musical actor and one of the hospice patients. The melodrama releases in just a few days on August 10. [Sedaily]
  • Netflix is planning a new sci-fi film called Great Flood (working title) with leads Kim Da-mi (Our Beloved Summer) and Park Hae-soo (Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area). The blockbuster imagines a doomed Earth that has been flooded by water and our heroes are trapped in an apartment complex, risking their lives on humanity’s last hope to save the world.  Directing will be helmed by Kim Byung-woo (The Terror Live, Take Point). [JTBC]

  • KBS’s Love According to Law has been generously dishing out stills and the latest are of Lee Se-young (The Red Sleeve Cuff) and Kim Won-hae (Showtime Begins!) celebrating Lee’s exit from a large law firm. Also starring Lee Seung-gi (Mouse) as her bestie and soon-to-be landlord, the romance will be coming to our screens early next month on September 5. News1]
  • I secretly want TVING’s Stock Struck to be just about Jung Moon-sung’s (The Good Detective 2) luscious locks, but it does look like we’re in for a fun ride with the newest highlights teaser. Also starring Han Ji-eun (Bad and Crazy), Hong Jong-hyun (My Absolute Boyfriend), Kim Sun-young (The Silent Sea), and Jang Kwang (Remarriage & Desires), the comedy premieres next week on August 12. [News1, Sports Chosun]


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