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News bites: November 10, 2022

News bites: November 10, 2022

  • Stills from the first script reading have dropped for tvN’s Missing: The Other Side 2, bringing back the leads from the first season: Go Soo (Missing: The Other Side), Heo Jun-ho (Why Her), Ahn So-hee (Thirty-Nine), and Ha Joon (Bad Prosecutor). Newly joining the mystery fantasy is Lee Jung-eun (Yonder) and Kim Dong-hwi (Forest of Secrets 2). Aiming to broadcast this coming December, production remains in the hands of season one’s PD Min Yeon-hong as well as writers, Ban Ki-ri and Jung So-young. [News1]

  • With December drawing near, JTBC has unveiled their drama lineup for 2023. In a story about starting over, Doctor Cha Jung-sook follows Uhm Jung-hwa’s (Our Blues) character as she reclaims her life and pursues a new career in medicine, after being betrayed by her husband. A new romance called The Woman Who Plays is on the horizon as well, which pairs Uhm Tae-gu (Dr. Brain) with Han Sun-hwa (Work Later, Drink Now). JTBC’s 2023 will also bring titles such as Agency, Sacred Divorce, Hip, King the Land, Bad Mom, Miracle Brothers, and Strong Woman Kang Nam-soon among many others. [News]
  • Over on MBC, the promos are ramping up for the upcoming Please Send a Fan Letter and new character teasers have been released featuring our glamorous heroine Sooyoung (If You Wish Upon Me) and adorable single-dad Yoon Park (Forecasting Love and Weather). The 4-episode rom-com will be launching next week on November 18. [MBC (1), (2)]

  • Yoon Hyun-soo (Seasons of Blossom) is becoming Cha Eun-woo’s (True Beauty) nephew in A Good Day To Be a Dog as high school student Choi Yul. Also starring Park Kyu-young (Dal-li and Gamjatang) and Lee Hyun-woo (Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area), the fantasy rom-com will be directed by PD Kim Dae-woong with writing by Baek In-ah. [MBC]
  • Reports have busy bee Ha Joon (Bad Prosecutor) and Yura (Forecasting Love and Weather) confirmed for This Romance is a Force Majeure, joining leads Kim Ro-woon (Tomorrow) and Jo Boa (Military Prosecutor Doberman). The fantasy romance has PD Nam Ki-hoon (Kiss Sixth Sense) at the helm and scripts penned by writer Noh Ji-seol (100 Days My Prince). [Osen, Star News]

  • I can almost feel the warm breeze from ENA’s new posters for Summer Strike (a.k.a. I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything), allowing our cute OTP, Seolhyun (The Killer’s Shopping List) and Im Shi-wan (Tracer), some much needed downtime and rest. The slice-of-life drama will be premiering November 21 and will be the first to air in ENA’s Monday-Tuesday slot. [YTN]
  • We also have a new poster from Wavve’s Weak Hero Class 1 as well as thrilling new video teaser, featuring the main cast. Launching next week on November 18, the coming-of-age action stars Park Ji-hoon (Remarriage & Desires), Choi Hyun-wook (Twenty Five Twenty One), Hong Kyung (Lovers of the Red Sky), Lee Yeon (Juvenile Justice), and Shin Seung-ho (Alchemy of Souls). [MBC]


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