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Tag: Cha Eun Woo

News bites: February 24, 2024

News bites: February 24, 2024 by tccolb Although originally slated for a March 9 premiere, MBN announced that Missing Crown Prince has been postponed, the official reason being to deliver an even better final product. Starring Suho (Behind Your Touch), Hong Ye-ji (Love Song for Illusion), Myung Se-bin (Doctor Cha), Kim Joo-hun (Castaway Diva), and […]

News bites: February 20, 2024

It’s really interesting that so many dramas are focusing on the latter half of the 20th century now – it seems like that was a rare time period to set a drama in before but it’s also possible I just wasn’t aware of them. Are there classics set at this time I should know about? […]

News bites: February 14, 2024

1. Why does he look like Ahn Bo-hyun or am I losing my mind? 2. Poor Jeon Jong-seo whitewashed so hard she became one with the curtain. 3. “…and current husband” and she’s dressing like that?? Like she wants to attract women??!? Jang Seung-jo MOVE. 4. Love Kim Nam-joo with all my heart, but I’m […]

News bites: February 8, 2024

News bites: February 8, 2024 by tccolb The first script reading stills have dropped for MBC’s period-action Chief Detective 1958, led by Lee Je-hoon (Taxi Driver 2), Lee Dong-hwi (Big Bet), Choi Woo-sung (Melancholia), and Yoon Hyun-soo (A Good Day to Be a Dog). Slated to broadcast on weekends starting April, the star of the […]

Secrets and sorrow in Kim Nam-joo’s Wonderful World

Secrets and sorrow in Kim Nam-joo’s Wonderful World by solstices MBC’s upcoming mystery-thriller Wonderful World has released its second teaser, dropping some hints to its central secrets while remaining enigmatic about its characters. Starring Kim Nam-joo (Misty) and Cha Eun-woo (A Good Day to be a Dog), the drama will trace the path to healing […]

News bites: January 31, 2024

News bites: January 31, 2024 by tccolb It’s been 20 years since MBC’s hit sageuk Dae Jang Geum had us glued to the screen and this time a sequel seems to be officially in the works, with Lee Young-ae (Maestra – Strings of Truth) returning to reprise her iconic role as Jang-geum. Currently called Female […]

Kim Nam-joo copes with grief in hopes of a Wonderful World

Kim Nam-joo copes with grief in hopes of a Wonderful World by solstices Script reading stills are out for MBC’s upcoming thriller Wonderful World, featuring its four leads. Billed as a “human mystery drama,” its story centers around coping with grief and healing from loss.Making her comeback after six years, Kim Nam-joo (Misty) stars as […]

News bites: December 19, 2023

News bites: December 19, 2023 by tccolb The first poster is out for JTBC’s new medical Doctor Slump, opening up the dusty yearbook to when Park Shin-hye (Sisyphus) and Park Hyung-shik’s (Our Blooming Youth) rivalry began (but we know the true origin story). With youthful zeal, the tagline reveals their teenage motto that there can’t […]

News bites: November 14, 2023

News bites: November 14, 2023 by tccolb New character posters have dropped for tvN’s Maestra: Strings of Truth, showcasing our intense quartet: Lee Young-ae (Inspector Koo), Lee Moo-saeng (The Glory), Kim Young-jae (Numbers), and Hwang Boreumbyeol (The Secret Romantic Guesthouse). The music-mystery premieres next month on December 9, following Castaway Diva in the weekend slot. […]

News bites: September 27, 2023

1. Some of faves are in this, so I fully look forward to how completely unrealistic this will be 2. I am a fan of PKY and in will be interesting to see CEW in something outside of the embarrassment that was Island, lol. 3. I have missed PSH, so looking forward to her return. […]

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