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News bites: September 28, 2022

Lots of interesting shows in this bite…

Will I suffer time travel-esque reincarnation for Carrot Boy or will I give it a pass? Lol.

Just read about Gyeongseong this afternoon, which had more character descriptions that listed here- gonna get dragged by Han So Hee fans for this but just because she was in My Name doesn’t make her automatically a brilliant action actress and the must go to pick for this kind of stabby role and if I decide that it’s the kind of thing I want to watch, I am, ahem, not really looking forward to that part of it. Sigh. On the plus side the time setting is uncommon for Korean screen content of any kind and also, Wi Ha Jun, which are draws.

*please let One Hundred Won Butler/ May I Help You be the fun kind of morbid fantasy show please*

Can Chae Soo Bin go back to being paired against male counterparts that can actually match her acting level, please? Lmao. I mean I’ll start it at least, but uhm Minho didn’t exactly leave much impression on me Hwarang…


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