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Park Byung-eun gets snared by Seo Ye-ji’s ploys in new promos for tvN’s Eve

Park Byung-eun gets snared by Seo Ye-ji’s ploys in new promos for tvN’s Eve

Promos for tvN’s melodrama Eve have set off with a striking new poster of Seo Ye-ji (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay), who stars alongside Park Byung-eun (Human Disqualification), Yoo Sun (Hush), and Lee Sang-yub (On the Verge of Insanity).

The revenge story is all about playing the long game. Seo Ye-ji’s character Lee Ra-el has been slowly hatching her plan since her father’s shocking death 13 years ago. Risking everything she has, each step in her scheme has been taken with precision and she is determined to take down her target, the top executive of a major conglomerate: Park Byung-eun.


Taking on the role of Kang Yoon-kyum, Park Byung-eun falls right into Seo Ye-ji’s trap and finds himself completely infatuated with her. This, of course, is problematic for his wife Yoo Sun – who plays the insecure and possessive Han So-ra. Rounding out the main cast, Lee Sang-yub is the outstanding politician Seo Eun-pyung, who is willing to do whatever it takes in the name of love.

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The new teaser starts with Seo Ye-ji taking a bath while Park Byung-eun stands before a press conference. Park boldly tells the crowd, “I am in love with another person, who isn’t my wife.” We then cut to Yoo Sun reading about Park’s declaration in the news and she throws the tablet in a rage.

Elsewhere, Lee Sang-yub pores over a photo and he determines, “I’m right. That has to be Ra-el.” In a sequence of close-ups, we get one final look at each of the main cast before we close on Seo Ye-ji. Smiling at the camera, she leaves us with the telling statement, “That one person you desire even more, the more dangerous it gets.”

Written by Yoon Young-mi (Nice Witch, Birth of a Beauty) and directed by PD Park Bong-seop (Steal My Heart, The Uncanny Counter), tvN’s Eve premieres May 25.


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