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Premiere Watch: Can We Be Strangers

0 January 17, 2023

Premiere Watch: Can We Be Strangers

Time slot: Wednesday-Thursday
Broadcaster: ENA
Genre: Rom-com, legal
Episode count: 12

Reasons to watch: This drama not only brought Kang So-ra back to dramaland after a five-year absence, but also puts Jang Seung-jo in the leading man spotlight, so *YAY*! He stole my attention in Chocolate, was the only interesting thing in Boyfriend, and I’ve been waiting for him to be in a drama just like this. Indeed, dramaland has been inordinately kind of late, giving us a lot of romances from interesting angles (viz. Trolley, Crash Course in Romance). Now, a bickering divorced couple with unaddressed baggage — who also happen to be divorce attorneys — is up next. Give me madcap hijinks. Give me secret gazes. Give me romance!

TL;DR: Jang Seung-jo and Kang So-ra are a divorced couple with a lot of unaddressed issues


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