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Premiere Watch: Tell Me That You Love Me

Premiere Watch: Tell Me That You Love Me by missvictrix Time slot: Monday-TuesdayBroadcaster: ENAGenre: Melo, romance, humanEpisode count: 16Reasons to watch: Though Tell Me That You Love Me has lacked a lot of global marketing due to some heavy, ill-conceived geo-blocking, the hints that we have seen are lovely indeed. In the drama, Jung Woo-sung […]

Premiere Watch: Boyhood

Premiere Watch: Boyhood by missvictrix Time slot: FridaysBroadcaster: Coupang PlayGenre: Comedy, action, youthEpisode count: 10Reasons to watch: Colorful and zany, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the PD of Fiery Priest is responsible for bringing us a hyperbolic and hilarious story of boyhood. Set in 1989, our wimpy high school hero Im Shi-wan has […]

Premiere Watch: The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract

10 November 22, 2023November 22, 2023 Premiere Watch: The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract by missvictrix Time slot: Friday-SaturdayBroadcaster: MBCGenre: Rom-com, timeslip, fantasyEpisode count: 12Reasons to watch: There are no shortage of marriage contracts in our current and upcoming dramas this season, and this one is a doozy (but aren’t they all). In The Story […]

Premiere Watch: The Goryeo-Khitan War

Btw, some of you might know this but I just found out the following from Encyclopaedia Britannica:“ Cathay, name by which North China was known in medieval Europe. The word is derived from Khitay (or Khitan), the name of a seminomadic people who left southeastern Mongolia in the 10th century CE to conquer part of […]

Premiere Watch: Vigilante

Premiere Watch: Vigilante by missvictrix Time slot: WednesdaysBroadcaster: Disney+Genre: Crime, action, thriller, suspenseEpisode count: 8Reasons to watch: Nam Joo-hyuk, Yoo Ji-tae, and Lee Jun-hyuk? That’s all they needed to say to get me interested. We’ve also got a cool double identity dynamic here, with Nam Joo-hyuk playing our police university student by day, and hooded […]

Premiere Watch: The Matchmakers

8 October 29, 2023October 29, 2023 Premiere Watch: The Matchmakers by missvictrix Time slot: Monday-TuesdayBroadcaster: KBSGenre: Sageuk, rom-comEpisode count: 16Reasons to watch: Thanks to the fact that Destined With You was pre-produced, we get Kim Ro-woon back on our screens after a very short break. And you’ll hear no complaints from me. He was great […]

Premiere Watch: Perfect Marriage Revenge

Premiere Watch: Perfect Marriage Revenge by missvictrix Time slot: Saturday-SundayBroadcaster: MBNGenre: Melodrama, romanceEpisode count: 16Reasons to watch: Another webtoon adaptation is on the way, this one with a decidedly ~melo~ turn. In our drama, Jung Yoo-min is a miserably mistreated daughter who’s able to go back in time a few years, marry Sung Hoon instead […]

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