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Premiere Watch: Dal-li and Gamjatang, Hometown

Premiere Watch: Dal-li and Gamjatang, Hometown

Have you survived the deluge of new weekend shows? Well, now it’s time for the mid-week drop! We have a silly rom-com and a mystery-thriller headed our way, and they seem like they might be a good pairing: one to scare you, and another to calm you down and make you laugh.

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Dal-li and Gamjatang

Time slot: Wednesday & Thursday
Broadcaster: KBS
Genre: Rom-com
Episode count: 16

Reasons to watch: This drama’s poster game is on point, and I’ve been loving how they play with the story’s art museum themes. Opposites-attract stories are no stranger to dramaland, and it looks like Dal-li and Gamjatang is about to go all-in with their version of this, with nouveau riche Kim Min-jae and ditzy chaebol Park Kyu-young. Is mayhem on the way? It seems like it. But if that mayhem veers towards hilarious and madcap (as opposed to train wreck), I think we’ll be in for a treat. I could sure use a drama with the right level of ridiculous humor right now.


Time slot: Wednesday & Thursday
Broadcaster: tvN
Genre: Thriller, mystery, horror
Episode count: 12

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Reasons to watch: My first thought whenever I hear about Hometown is how great the cast is — Han Ye-ri and Uhm Tae-gu return to dramaland playing siblings (yesss!), and Yoo Jae-myung is guaranteed to add gravitas wherever he goes. The story itself looks to be 10/10 on the mystery and thrills that it promises, with things like terrorism, kidnapping, and deeper psychological themes in the mix. With promos that feature nightmares and night sweats and a general feeling of creepiness, this might not be your next nightcap drama.



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