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Upcoming Netflix thriller Somebody announces cast

Upcoming Netflix thriller Somebody announces cast

Kim Young-kwang, Kang Hae-rim, Kim Yong-ji, Kim Soo-yeon

Actor Kim Young-kwang (Hello? It’s Me!) has been cast as the lead in director Jung Ji-woo’s (Tune in for Love) first drama, Somebody. This upcoming thriller tackles the contemporary topic of social connection apps. In the drama, “Somebody” is the name of the social app, and the story follows the developer and her friends as they become involved with a murder case, and as a mysterious person named Yoon-oh appears in their lives.

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Kim Young-kwang has been cast in the role of Yoon-oh, an architectural designer whose charisma enchants people at first glance, but keeps his real personality hidden.

Kang Hae-rim (Live On) plays Seom, the app developer. She has difficulty communicating with others, but her extraordinary tech capabilities allow her to create the innovative AI chatting program.

Rookie actress Kim Soo-yeon plays Seom’s decade-long best friend and police officer, Ki Eun. (She won her role through an audition, surpassing 500+ other applicants!)

And last but not least, Kim Yong-ji (Tale of the Nine Tailed) plays one of Ki Eun’s friends, Mok-won, who helps with the murder investigations. According to her character description, Mok-won apparently has “strange” energy, so it’ll be interesting to see what she adds to the team.

Written by thriller screenwriter Han Ji-wan (Ghost Detective, Wanted) and directed by Jung Ji-woo, Somebody will likely air on Netflix next year.

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