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Premiere Watch: Ghost Doctor, Tracer

Premiere Watch: Ghost Doctor, Tracer

New year, new dramas! Our first drops of the year are about medical mysteries in the way of hero body swapping, and the wonderful world of tax investigations (and more mysteries) featuring none other than Im Shi-wan.


Ghost Doctor

Time slot: Monday & Tuesday
Broadcaster: tvN
Genre: Medical, fantasy
Episode count: 16

Reasons to watch: Dramaland sure loves its body swap hijinks, and since it’s been a hot minute since we had a drama along those lines, Ghost Doctor is next in line. Rain and Kim Bum are featured in what they’re calling a “body rental” scenario, and even though this one isn’t calling my name, I will readily admit the antics between them in the promos seem quite fun. Given they pour on the comedy and hijinks, I think this could be great. Rain does huffy and petty quite well (calling back to Full House days), and I’m hard-pressed not to enjoy a Kim Bum performance, so here’s hoping this rental goes well for all parties involved.


Time slot: Friday & Saturday
Broadcaster: MBC
Genre: Drama, mystery
Episode count: 16

Reasons to watch: Not gonna lie, finance-themed dramas can be a real snooze…. but lucky for Tracer, it has a great cast (Im Shi-wan, Go Ah-sung, and Sohn Hyun-joo) and the promise of satisfying take-downs. In the story’s premise, Im Shi-wan is not only gung-ho to bring financial crimes to light, but his competence and work ethic have an impact on the office of lazy paper-pushers that he joins. That in itself should be fun, because stories of people that grow in teamwork and competence (and badassery) are always enjoyable.




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