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Premiere Watch: Jinxed at First, Alchemy of Souls

Premiere Watch: Jinxed at First, Alchemy of Souls

June just keeps delivering more and more premieres, and it’s not over yet! This week we have two shows on the lighter side of things, with a fantasy rom-com about a woman who changes fates, and another fantasy rom-com (maybe?) about trapped souls and magic. Both likely served with the requisite hijinks.



Jinxed at First

Time slot: Wednesday-Thursday
Broadcaster: KBS
Genre: Fantasy, rom-com
Episode count: 16

Reasons to watch: Having been in dramaland for way too long a while, it’s become a trick of the trade to always keep an eye on rom-coms that are flying under the radar. Or that seem as if their premises have the potential to be a disaster. Sometimes it pays off, because dramaland inverts our expectations, and we get a super fun gem that pulls off its weird concept without a second thought. And that’s where I currently am with Jinxed at First — not terribly pulled in, but also on high alert for a show that could be a lot better than it sounds (especially with the PD calling it a “happy virus” drama). With rising star Na In-woo as our jinxed hero, and Seohyun as the woman with the power to change fortunes, this just might be crazy enough to work.

TL;DR: Bad luck, good fortune, goddess Seohyun, bright and cute vibes

Alchemy of Souls


Time slot: Saturday-Sunday
Broadcaster: tvN
Genre: Fantasy, romance
Episode count: 20

Reasons to watch: Speaking of crazy enough to work, that’s the same mindset I’m bringing to the Hong sisters’ latest offering. The early trouble behind the scenes might have worked in our favor, because if nothing else, Jung So-min and Lee Jae-wook look like a lot of fun together in the promo materials. But more than the cast, we also have to consider the setup — right now a confusing mythological and pseudo-historical setting rife with magic, swordplay, and soul-swapping. I don’t want to say outright that it will take a lot for this drama to work, but it will take a lot for this drama to work. Either way, it’s pulling in a lot of buzz, and will likely do the same with eyeballs when it premieres.

TL;DR: Fantasy, magic, Lee Jae-wook, Hong sisters, suspension of disbelief required



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