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Sailing in search of justice in MBC’s Joseon Lawyer

Sailing in search of justice in MBC’s Joseon Lawyer

MBC has been steadily dishing out promos for their upcoming sageuk Joseon Lawyer, and this week brought a moody first poster as well as more character stills.

Adding to the never-ending list of lawyers and revenge seekers in K-dramaland, this story’s protagonist is Kang Han-soo – played by Woo Do-hwan (The King: Eternal Monarch) – and he’s after the enemy who killed his parents. But Han-soo’s journey is about growth and finding justice for his family by using the law itself. When he starts to use his legal know-how to help others in need, he aspires to be a true hero for the people and the poster’s tagline reveals his new goal: “My revenge will become justice for the world.”

Also joining Han-soo’s cause is Princess Lee Yeon-joo, played by Bona (Twenty Five Twenty One). She who has a sincere heart for the welfare of Joseon’s people. Determined to personally get involved in helping the nation, she even dons a secret identity to travel outside of the palace walls.

In the new stills, we get our first look at Cha Hak-yeon (Tomorrow) taking on the role of Yoo Ji-sun, a high-ranking official who would be similar to a mayor in today’s world. Although it’s not yet clear where his personal views stand, we’re told that he comes from a prestigious family and somehow gets mixed up in Han-soo and Yeon-joo’s partnership.

Speaking of his family, the new stills also feature Ji-sun’s father, who is played by Chun Ho-jin (My Liberation Notes). Powerful and highly influential within the political circles and the royal palace of Joseon, Yoo Je-sae wields the title of Prime Minister. (Character stills for Kang Han-soo were previously released, as were stills for our princess.)

Written by Choi Jin-young (Seven Day Queen) with PD Kim Seung-ho (Twenty Five Twenty One) at the helm, MBC’s Joseon Lawyer will be launching next month on March 31, following Kokdu: Season of Deity in the weekend slot.

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