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Tag: Woo Do Hwan

News bites: June 29, 2024

News bites: June 29, 2024 by tccolb On the heels of his recent role in the Japanese film Grande Maison Paris, Taecyeon (Heartbeat) confirmed casting for the new Netflix Japanese drama Soul Mate, starring opposite Isomura Hayato (Extremely Inappropriate). In a heartfelt story about love and life, we’ll be following our pair’s relationship over ten […]

News bites: June 4, 2024

News bites: June 4, 2024 by tccolb Kim Yoo-jung (My Demon) is reportedly turning sociopath for a new melo-thriller called Dear X, playing the part of a two-faced top star actress who manipulates others for her own success. Adapted from a popular webtoon by the same title, the series has PD Lee Eung-bok (Sweet Home, […]

Woo Do-hwan and Lee Sang-yi versus the world in Bloodhounds

Woo Do-hwan and Lee Sang-yi versus the world in Bloodhounds by missvictrix K-dramas don’t normally run on sheer testosterone, but Netflix’s upcoming series Bloodhounds sure does. Front and center of the new trailer are our heroes Woo Do-hwan (Joseon Attorney) and Lee Sang-yi (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha) as Kim Gun-woo and Hong Woo-jin, respectively. They seem like […]

News bites: May 20, 2023

1. Can’t wait! I’m torn between wanting to read the original source material before starting the drama or watching the drama with fresh eyes. To those who’ve read the webtoon, how was it? Is it worth the read? 2. Perfect, spooky poster. Love the colour palette being used here. I imagine it won’t be everyone’s […]

News bites: April 19, 2023

I feel guilty for consciously / unconsiously partaking in these two trends after reading the comments: 1. Jumping into a drama just for the leads’ pretty faces and not realising how problematic the subject matter is. Is incest the newest trend in Kdramas? I don’t care about the morality and social acceptance, but I do […]

News bites: March 25, 2023

1. PD Shim Na-yeon is back, yay! I suppose I am looking forward to the show too, if only to understand what the heck the plot is supposed to be. Love the concept of a Ra Mi-ran/Lee Do-hyun parent-child relationship, but I’m confused by the whole ‘age regression’ thing. 2. Ah, if only the real […]

News bites: March 15, 2023

Doctor Slump appears to have some great talent behind it, so I’m feeling less skeptical about the quality of this one. But I will say that although I truly don’t have anything against Park Shin-hye, I find that I don’t much like the dramas she chooses. The one exception is “Father is Strange” but she […]

Sailing in search of justice in MBC’s Joseon Lawyer

Sailing in search of justice in MBC’s Joseon Lawyer by tccolb MBC has been steadily dishing out promos for their upcoming sageuk Joseon Lawyer, and this week brought a moody first poster as well as more character stills.Adding to the never-ending list of lawyers and revenge seekers in K-dramaland, this story’s protagonist is Kang Han-soo […]

News bites: February 11, 2023

1. I get that it’s going to be focused on Lee Jun-hyuk’s FOS character, but the fact that there likely won’t be any Doona or Cho Seung-woo makes me sad. I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch it if they’re not in it 😔 2. Yay, Park Eun-bin! 3. Numbers: Watchdogs in a […]

News bites: February 7, 2023

News bites: February 7, 2023 by tccolb JTBC has released a magazine cover style poster for their man of the hour, Divorce Attorney Shin. With Jo Seung-woo (Sisyphus) playing the title role, joined by Han Hye-jin (Let’s Hold Hands and Watch the Sunset), Kim Sung-kyun (Grid), and Jung Moon-sung (The Good Detective 2), the webtoon […]

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