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Tag: Woo Do Hwan

News bites: May 14, 2022

1. Part ONE??!? What the hell is this YA movie-era obsession with splitting perfectly contiguous stories into separate entities? I swear to god, Netflix deserves all that subscription loss. 2. I’m sorry but someone in the higher echelons of the entertainment industry must be very invested in Kim Ji-eun’s career because I cannot for the […]

Podcast #100: Movie showdown: Park Seo Joon vs Choi Woo Sik.

Drama Geek and Kmuse take one for the team as they view two movies that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Come find out whether Time to Hunt or The Divine Fury is the better use of your time in this week’s Cozy Chat. Advertisements You can also find us on: iTunes Google Play […]

All Eyes On Dual-Role Woo Do hwan

A warrant of arrest should be served to Woo Do-hwan.  He’s guilty of consistently stealing scenes in the drama “The King: Eternal Monarch” (TKEM). He plays Jo Yeong “The Unbreakable Sword” or in layman’s term, the king’s bodyguard. He was supposed to be just the best friend in the background, sternly protecting King Lee Gon […]

One of our favorite things — The King: Eternal Monarch

The Fangirls have been enthusiastically watching The King: Eternal Monarch this last week and we are really excited to share all our thoughts about this fun, romantic, fantasy of a drama. Hopefully, we will convince our readers to watch with us! Advertisements Lee Min Ho is back! Kmuse: Emperor Lee Gon might be my all-time […]

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