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Shin Ha-kyun leads The Auditors in rooting out corruption

Shin Ha-kyun leads The Auditors in rooting out corruption

Shin Ha-kyun, Lee Jung-ha

Stills and a premiere date are out for tvN’s office drama The Auditors (previously The Audit), in which our titular team harnesses their investigative skills to weed out financial crimes in JU Construction. Though their tasks mainly consist of crunching numbers, the show is also billed as an action comedy, so hopefully the monotony of scrutinizing accounts will be punctuated with lighthearted humor.

Acting powerhouse Shin Ha-kyun (Evilive) stars as team leader Shin Cha-il, the analytical ace of the auditors with astute judgment and incisive insight. Lacking faith in other people and impervious to emotional appeals, Cha-il relies solely on rational logic to outwit embezzlers through eloquent arguments. He’s determined to exterminate the sneaky rats that gnaw away at the company’s integrity, and he has the brains to follow through.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the empathetic and personable new recruit Gu Han-soo, played by Lee Jung-ha (Moving). Having set his sights on JU’s Florida branch, Han-soo applies for the auditing team in hopes it’ll give him a leg up in the competition — but Cha-il’s strict standards are about to rip Han-soo’s American dream to shreds. Despite constantly running the risk of being chased out for his enthusiastic optimism and guileless trust, though, the persistent Han-soo is not one to give up.

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Though the pair may mesh about as well as ice and fire, their shared purpose will spur them towards working in tandem. They’ll have their work cut out for them, because Jin Gu (Shadow Detective) is playing JU’s vice-president Hwang Dae-woong, the ambitious youngest son of the company’s founder. With his inimitable charisma, exceptional people skills, and no-holds-barred approach, Dae-woong aims to rise above his older brothers and claim the president’s seat for himself — that is, unless Cha-il sniffs out any dirty dealings.

To level out the playing field, Dae-woong has ties to the other new hire Yoon Seo-jin, played by Jo Ah-ram (Doctor Cha). They have a childhood connection, but it remains to be seen whether it’ll carry over into their adult careers, since the two act like strangers to prevent any unwanted office rumors. Seo-jin’s individualistic pragmatism not only puts her at odds with the warm-hearted team player Han-soo, but it also means she draws a clear line between work and her personal life.

Last but not least, we also have Jung Moon-sung (Divorce Attorney Shin) — yay! — alongside Jung Dong-hwan (Maestra) and Baek Hyun-jin (Crash) to round out the supporting cast. Promising a timely narrative that reflects today’s societal landscape, alongside compelling acting synergy and a tight plot, the drama aims to deliver a cathartic tale through the fresh and fascinating perspective of an auditing team.

Helmed by PDs Kwon Young-il (Wedding Impossible) and Joo Sang-gyu (Yumi’s Cells 2), with scripts penned by Choi Min-ho (Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist), The Auditors is slated for a July 6 premiere.

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