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Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Tries Out TikTok Live For The First Time And Fans Can’t Stop Laughing

As K-Pop songs keep going viral on TikTok, it’s become an essential part of a K-Pop idol’s promotions to create a dance challenge to their latest song and go around and film the challenge video with idols from other groups.

Another feature of the popular app that idols are getting used to is TikTok lives, which is another version of the live broadcasts idols have always done for fans. Of course, given that idols are adapting to this new style of talking to fans, there have been some amusing hiccups, like when GOT7‘s Jackson Wang abruptly ended his for the most endearing reason.

Jackson Wang | Weibo

Stray KidsBang Chan is the latest idol to try going live on TikTok, and fans couldn’t have been more excited. The idol already holds weekly live broadcasts for fans, Chan’s Room, which he always makes the time for.

So fans were endeared that Bang Chan also decided to try doing TikTok lives on occasion, although the idol didn’t want to make plans for them, wanting them to be “very free” on the timing and frequency.

And while the live broadcast was filled with the idol’s typically sweet moments…

Fans were also laughing as they watched Bang Chan struggle in real time to figure out how to use the app. First struggling with figuring out how long he’d been broadcasting.

And then trying to figure out how to end the broadcast, which led to an incredibly abrupt ending that fans weren’t expecting.

But besides their amusement, fans are grateful that Bang Chan always dedicates so much time to talking with them.

You can read more about Bang Chan’s kindness towards his fans here.

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