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Top 5 Kpop MVs: Heavy-hitting Comebacks

Y’all, ATEEZ made a comeback this week. Do you REALLY expect me to talk about anything else? I mean, I will, but ATEEZ!! Come see what else caught my eye this week — it’s been a good week for comebacks, and this fangirl has been VERY happy. Wanna know which ATEEZ songs are my favorite? […]

ATEEZ – THANXX (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: ATEEZSong: THANXXAlbum: ZERO : FEVER Part.1Year: 2020 ENGLISH TRANSLATION You’re gonna regret itYou will get it if you grow up moreSame words every timeI’m sick and tired of itI’m sick and tired of it(Nobody knows) What do you want to doWhat are you going to becomeDon’t know, it’s my first timeI think I’ll have to live a little longer to know Do this, […]

ATEEZ’s Latest Comeback Is Already Breaking All Of Their Previous Records And Many Of Their Comeback Goals

It’s been just over 12 hours since ATEEZ released their music video for “INCEPTION”, and already the song and respective album, Zero : Fever Part. 1, are easily beating every record that the group has set for themselves in previous comebacks. The group even created a list of comeback goals for the MV and album […]

ATEEZ – FEVER (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: ATEEZSong: FEVERAlbum: ZERO : FEVER Part.1Year: 2020 HANGUL Hey 세상 모든 게 다풀어야 할 문제처럼눈앞에 모든 게 다두렵기만 해 나 그리고 너 You 열병을 앓고 있어나 그리고 우리는자리 없는 저 어딘가의 별 Every dayEvery night하나 분명한 게 없는 여름밤 Are you there?How you feel?너도 나와 같은 어둠 속일까 저 방황 끝에 우린 어떨지그 누구도 […]

ATEEZ – TO THE BEAT (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: ATEEZSong: 춤을 춰 (TO THE BEAT)Album: ZERO : FEVER Part.1Year: 2020 HANGUL 물 만났지 어푸Just move your bodyYour body, one, two사지를 자유롭게 춰 막춤We got different blood꽤나 다른 mood 수혈해 우리 것으로 계속 베끼고 베끼니 참 부끄럽지옛다 더 보여줄게 배로죄다 비슷 어느새 끼들이 넘쳐 난리아주 칭찬해요 두배로 이렇게 생겨버렸지 too many twins뿌듯하지 모두 모두 […]

ATEEZ – One Day At A Time (English Lyrics)

Artist: ATEEZSong: One Day At A TimeAlbum: ZERO : FEVER Part.1Year: 2020 English Lyrics If you’re a bit scaredYou’re living on edgeIt’s hard to escape your worries If you wanna hideYou’re losing your mindYou gotta lean on somebody I’ll be that somebody for yaThousand miles it don’t matterWhen you’re feeling under pressureSay the word I’ll […]

ATEEZ – Good Lil Boy (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: ATEEZSong: Good Lil BoyAlbum: ZERO : FEVER Part.1Year: 2020 HANGUL 달려라 달려더 빠르게숨이 턱까지 차오른다달려라 달려겁먹지 말고 앞만 보고 달려가 Hey, little boyWhy you look down?똑바로 봐부릅뜨고 같은 배경에 속지 마라 더 강해져야 해세상은 바보가 아니야 총알이 탕가시는 픽번개가 팡바람은 휙Everything is just a moment baby정신 꽉 붙잡아라 baby 아리고 따가운 바람 속에 (Hey, […]

ATEEZ – THANXX (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: ATEEZSong: THANXXAlbum: ZERO : FEVER Part.1Year: 2020 HANGUL 너 그러다 후회한다고조금 더 크면 알게 된다고매번 다시 똑같은 말만I’m sick and tired of itI’m sick and tired of it(Nobody knows) 하고 싶은 게 뭐냐고너는 커서 뭐가 될 거냐고모르겠네요 처음이라더 살아봐야 알 것 같은데 이래라저래라 에베베베씹어주면 난 더 즐겨 pop pop pop재질이 완전 풍선껌 터져 pum […]

ATEEZ – INCEPTION (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: ATEEZSong: INCEPTIONAlbum: ZERO : FEVER Part.1Year: 2020 HANGUL I’m in loveI’m in love 찰나의 순간 그 눈맞춤모든 감각이 멈춘 순간내 안에 퍼진 작은 떨림처음 느껴보는 내가 된듯한기분이 날 삼켜와 꿈에서도 본 적 없는꿈을 꾸는 기분이야꿈이라고 단정 짓기엔꽤 확실한 느낌이라 그려내고 그려내그림자 선 끝까지 선명한데널 다시 마주할 날만 바라볼게 전으로 돌아갈 순 없을 것 같아널 […]

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