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Tag: First Impression

One of our favorite things — The King: Eternal Monarch

The Fangirls have been enthusiastically watching The King: Eternal Monarch this last week and we are really excited to share all our thoughts about this fun, romantic, fantasy of a drama. Hopefully, we will convince our readers to watch with us! [ story continues below ] Lee Min Ho is back! Kmuse: Emperor Lee Gon […]

5 Reasons to watch Chinese drama Legend of Awakening

Some of The Fangirls have started bingeing Legend of Awakening and we are thrilled to share our reasons as to why you should watch with us. Action, magic, and a touch of romance…this drama has it all. [ story continues below ] Deep Friendships Kmuse: I love that the focus of the story is the […]

Podcast 97: First impressions and Random Observations: Fairyland Lovers

Are you wondering what would happen if you smooshed together the tropes in Goblin, Master’s Sun, My Love From Another Star, and then gave it a Chinese makeover? Come find out as The Fangirls discuss the quirky Chinese drama Fairyland Lovers. [ story continues below ] You can also find us on: iTunes Google Play […]

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