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Tag: How to Buy a Friend

A Fangirl’s Drama Review: How to Buy a Friend

I don’t often watch high school themed dramas, but when How to Buy a Friend came across my radar, my curiosity was piqued. With the chance to see a couple of familiar faces, in an easily bingeable 4-hour mini-drama format, I made the snap decision to give this webtoon-turned-drama a go! Was it worth the […]

Webtoon-Based Dramas Gain Popularity

Webtoon dramas are in bloom this year. Expectations are high on “Rugal” and “Meow, the Secret Boy”coming this March, on whether they’ll bring the originals’ imagination to life. Currently on air, the jTBC drama “Itaewon Class” started with a viewing percentage of 5% and went all the way up to 15%. It has proved that webtoons have a strong fan […]

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