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Tag: Mudidi

Moon Ga-Young’s Fashion As Yeo Ha-Jin In K-Drama ‘Find Me In Your Memory’ Episodes 1-8

In her latest drama, Find Me In Your Memory,  Moon Ga-Young plays the role of Yeo Ha-Jin, an actress who has forgotten some of her memory as a result of a psychological defense mechanism. Since her role is also an actress, viewers can expect her wardrobe to fit that of a rising star. Check out […]

Kim Da-Mi’s Fashion As Jo Yi-Seo In K-Drama ‘Itaewon Class’ Episodes 11-12

We are halfway through with Itaewon Class but the show surely keeps serving looks and a great plot. Fans are looking forward to Kim Da-Mi‘s outfits and how she breathes life into her character, Jo Yi-Seo. Here are her totally wearable outfits you can pin as your fashion pegs for the next weeks to come! You […]

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