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Tag: Seulki (Red Velvet)

GOT The Beat – Step Back

You must step backWhat’re you looking at?Who do you think you are to pull up on me?This is the time for you to step backAnd shut upOr else you can try climbing your way up to meDo you think I liked you?Like playing house when we were kids?I’m sure you tried so hard to appeal […]

BamBam ft. Seulki of Red Velvet – Who Are You

Who are you?You’re like a mazeBut I like you, like to find youI realized, someone else in mind I’m dreaming a dream that is youI’m feel like I’m not myself againAnd I’m fallWould you pick me up off from the groundThe dust offWhere am I?I feel like I’ve fallen from top of the stairsI’m lost […]

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