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BamBam ft. Seulki of Red Velvet – Who Are You

Who are you?You’re like a mazeBut I like you, like to find youI realized, someone else in mind I’m dreaming a dream that is youI’m feel like I’m not myself againAnd I’m fallWould you pick me up off from the groundThe dust offWhere am I?I feel like I’ve fallen from top of the stairsI’m lost […]

GOT7 Insisted They Didn’t Have Any Spoilers But There Was No Stopping Jackson And BamBam

Asking GOT7 to resist the temptation to give spoilers is like asking someone to resist that last piece of cake. In other words, it’s a losing battle because that temptation is simply irresistible! Image: @GOT7Official/Twitter Even if most of the members can hold out, chances are high that someone else will still spoil something which […]

GOT7 BamBam’s Latest Insta Photos Are So Hot Nobody Cares How Old The Pics Really Are

Whether he’s posting about his fur babies or dropping some selcas, whenever GOT7‘s BamBam posts something to Instagram, you’re guaranteed some seriously quality content from him. Even BamBam’s “old” photos are gold! Advertisements Back in March 2019, BamBam became a one-day fashion editor on an episode of Super Intern. Besides taking the lead with the […]

GOT7’s Mark Was So Done With BamBam And Yugyeom After Becoming Their Water Fight Target

With 7 wild and energetic members, things always tend to get pretty wild pretty fast at GOT7‘s concerts especially considering one of their favorite activities is having a giant water fight on stage! And in a recent Tourlog episode, GOT7 proved just how wild things can get during these water battles! Advertisements   During a […]

GOT7’s BamBam And His Mom Are Guilty Of Stealing Everyone’s Heart While Traveling Together

GOT7‘s BamBam and his mom are 100% guilty of stealing all our hearts after they were spotted getting in some quality mother-son time!   Advertisements On January 12, BamBam was spotted arriving at Incheon airport after completing an overseas schedule. Dressed in a long black coat, cool shades, and with his hair perfectly styled, BamBam […]

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