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Tag: The Rose

The Rose – Beauty And The Beast (미녀와 야수)

Our love storyThat could never come trueLike Beauty and the Beast When people see usThey shake their headsCause I’m the beastbut you are the beauty Advertisements You’re beauty The last flower petal is fallingI think I’m under a spellBeautiful love you and IIt’s a beautiful life you and I You’re BeautyThe withering flower is blooming […]

[KRN Album] Various Artists – ITAEWON CLASS OST

Artist & Title: V.A. – ITAEWON CLASS Original SoundtrackArtist & Title (Org.): V.A. – 이태원 클라쓰 OSTArchive: RARRelease Date: 2020.03.20 Advertisements Tracklist:CD1:01. You Make Me Back – 김우성 (The Rose)02. 시작 – 가호 (Gaho) Title03. Still Fighting It – 이찬솔04. Maybe – Sondia05. 우리의 밤 – Sondia06. 직진 – 더 베인07. 그때 그 아인 – […]

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