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TREASURE – COME TO ME (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: TREASURESong: COME TO MEAlbum: THE FIRST STEP : CHAPTER ONEYear: 2020 ENGLISH TRANSLATION How do you feel now?I’m worried. I’m a little worriedWill it keep moving away?I’m afraid a lot [ story continues below ] I remember that night I I talked to you.I’m suffering from the words you choseI’m so sorry see you […]

TREASURE Was Influenced By BIG BANG’s G-Dragon

(Photo : Pinterest)TREASURE Gets Influence from G-Dragon and other YG Senior Artists [ story continues below ] YG rookie male group TREASURE reveals G-Dragon and other senior YG artists have given them a huge influence. TREASURE mentioned that they are taking into heart the influences they received from Hoobaes of YG Entertainment. In an interview […]

TREASURE got Top Brands in their debut ‘BOY’ MV

YG Entertainment‘s newest boy group is here. TREASURE debuted with their new song BOY. You can definitely hear that the song has the YG vibe. Will you be following them on their journey? [ story continues below ] See also: Peace out ✌︎ A-L-E-X-A-N-D-E-R ´Alexander Image Credits: YG Ent., GOALSTUDIO,farfetch, wconcept, ssense,  Source Was it […]

TREASURE – Boy (English Lyrics Translation)

Artist: TREASURESong: BOYAlbum: The First Step : Chapter OneYear: 2020 ENGLISH TRANSLATION Woah ohYeah [ story continues below ] You’re like beautiful dangerI can’t look at youHalo too brightEven if I close or hide my eyesYou’re so differentI can’t get out of itMy exploding heartbeatSet a fire oh oh ohMore oh oh oh Oh no […]

TREASURE – COME TO ME (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: TREASURESong: 들어와 (COME TO ME) Album: THE FIRST STEP : CHAPTER ONEYear: 2020 ROMANIZED LYRICS jigeum mameun eotteonigeokjeongdwae jom manhijakku meoreojilkkaduryeowo kkwae manhi [ story continues below ] naega tokhaessdeon geu bami tteoollanega taekhaessdeon maldeuri goerowoneomu chakhaessdeon neol boni seoreowodwiro back back doraga dollyeonwa naega mosnassgin jom mosnassji neomu seotun geot gataneoksi nagal daero […]

TREASURE – BOY (Han/Rom Lyrics)

Artist: TREASURESong: BOYAlbum: The First Step : Chapter OneYear: 2020 HANGUL Woah ohYeah [ story continues below ] 넌 마치 beautiful danger쳐다볼 수 없어너무 눈부신 halo눈을 가려봐도 숨겨봐도넌 정말 different헤어나올 수 없어터질듯한 내 heartbeat불을 질러 oh oh oh더 oh oh oh Oh no 온통 머릿속이 messed upYo 오늘따라 미치겠어You’re so beautiful 말하고 싶어눈을 마주친 순간 […]

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