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Tag: Wang Bit-na

News bites: August 13, 2022

1. I’m sorry, but the poses made me burst out laughing. Why are they posing as if this is a magazine cover instead of a crime thriller? 2. Why have I never heard of this until now? ISTG there are too many platforms nowadays. 3. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD let the “international online […]

News bites: June 25, 2022

News bites: June 25, 2022 by tccolb Park Eun-bin (The King’s Affection) is just too cute in ENA’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo and we have some new posters as well as a new teaser that came out this past week. Also starring Kang Tae-oh (Doom at Your Service) and Kang Ki-young (A Moment at Eighteen), the […]

Lee Ji Hoon, Choi Yu Hwa And More Decide Not To Receive Additional Fees For “River Where The Moon Rises” Re-Filming

“River Where The Moon Rises” is receiving praise for their decision to not take additional fees for the re-filming of “River Where The Moon Rises”! Previously, actor Ji Soo was dropped from the drama following the serious bullying allegations made against him. At the time, it was revealed that Ji Soo had filmed about 95% […]

“Strange School Tales – Karma” Starring Former KARA member Han Seungyeon

SEEZN’s upcoming drama, “School Strange Tales – Karma” (2020), with Han Seungyeon (KARA), Yoon Sungmo, Kim Young-hoon, Wang Bit-na, Park Jung-hak, Oh Seung-eun The drama is about a woman who lost her parents when she was young, goes back to her childhood home and struggles to find out the death of her parents. Broadcast starting […]

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