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News bites: August 13, 2022

1. I’m sorry, but the poses made me burst out laughing. Why are they posing as if this is a magazine cover instead of a crime thriller?

2. Why have I never heard of this until now? ISTG there are too many platforms nowadays.

3. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD let the “international online platform” be Netflix. Anything is better than the slow, agonizing torture of Grid on Disney+. Also, incredible casting.

4. It’s a kdrama, it’d be more shocking if our whale couple didn’t end up together. As for Kim Joo-hun, I mostly remember him from It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and I do remember liking him alright.

5. Excited! Both Shin Ha-kyun and Won Jin-ah are faves of mine.

6. Nothing project I had no idea was a thing. However, after Extraordinary Attorney Woo, I will watch Joo Hyun-young in anything and everything. That woman is a true talent and star in the making.

7. Im Joo-hwan finally as the male lead, LETS GOOOOOOO.


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