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Tag: Yoon Kyun Sang

News bites: April 23, 2022

1. Yoon Kyun-sang in a drama? It’s been a while. Although that poster… let’s hope it’s a Business Proposal scenario and not something else. 2. *Deep, deep sigh*. Did Junho really have to choose this? Out of the dozens of offers he’s surely getting? His costar and the writer doesn’t exactly inspire confidence either. 3. […]

Lee Sung Kyung Thanks Former “Doctors” Co-Star Yoon Kyun Sang For Supporting “Dr. Romantic 2”

Yoon Kyun Sang recently showed his support for his former “Doctors” co-star, Lee Sung Kyung! Lee Sung Kyung, who played neurosurgeon Jin Seo Woo in “Doctors,” is currently playing a cardiothoracic surgery fellow in the new “Dr. Romantic 2.” On January 14, she took to Instagram to post a photo of a coffee truck that Yoon […]

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